And now to mags

Yesterday I had a little online rant about beauty blogs, but today I am focusing my wrath on magazines. As a writer I hate hearing that publications have folded, especially when it’s one I used to enjoy reading (case in point from 2014, Company magazine). I totally get that things are moving online and that’s […]

Beauty blogging bugbears

On the whole I’m not going to write about beauty here, because I do a lot of that in my day job. I’m also in the process of launching a site dedicated to it called The Beauty Shelf, so this is going to be more focused on other stuff. But today I’m giving myself a […]

We’re all bingeing

All periods of time get remembered for something, whether they want to or not. Some examples: shoulder pads and blue eyeshadow mean the 80s; mods and rockers are the 60s; and grunge music is the 90s. So what about the 2010s? If we zero in on 2014 it, unfortunately, is likely to be Kim Kardashian’s […]

Dog days

When you move to London there are a few things you get told. Parents warn you’ll be mugged at every given opportunity, friends marvel at the huge nights out you’ll have and everyone tells you people will be unfriendly to the point of rude. It turns out you probably won’t get mugged or go out […]

Meditation motivation

I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have one of those lightbulb moments you read about. You know the ones, where suddenly everything comes into sharp focus for a person and they realise what’s been wrong with their lives all along. Sometimes it’s a career thing, or maybe it’s about home life or the […]

Knocking on

I don’t trust anyone who claims not to care about ageing. To be clear I’m not suggesting all women should run around injecting themselves with blood from baby goats because they’ve been told it’s the latest way to zap wrinkles. Ageing is going to happen, it’s time to face facts and do the best you […]