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I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have one of those lightbulb moments you read about. You know the ones, where suddenly everything comes into sharp focus for a person and they realise what’s been wrong with their lives all along. Sometimes it’s a career thing, or maybe it’s about home life or the absolute realisation of what you need to change to improve your life.

Much as I’ve considered what having one of those events would be like, I’ve always been sceptical too. Surely that is the sort of thing born from books or films, it’s not real life is it? I mean how many people do you know who’ve woken up one morning and realised the path to happiness lies in ditching their £50k office job in London and moving to the Highlands to knit for a living? Not many.

Well I’m not going as far as to say it was life-changing, but last week I had something a little like that happen to me. I went to an event for work, the launch of a new beauty line. The company is about wellness rather than anti-ageing (get my take on that here) and so it decided to do something different to the usual glass of fizz and nodding while pretending to be interest in the science of yet another wrinkle cream spiel. What did it settle on? Meditation.

And so imagine my horror. I am not the kind of person who meditates, it’s not my bag. I have no problem with it being other people’s, but the look on my face was probably equal to the one when someone told me to try hugging trees so I could absorb their energy. We’ll be polite; it was quizzical. Very quizzial. I thought many things when I realised I had to spend half an hour out flat on a yoga mat with a bunch of strangers. Chiefly I worried I’d laugh (I do that when I’m uncomfortable), or be embarrassed or not be able to relax. And I also thought about all the excellent TV I could be catching up on if I was at home instead. But then I thought – what do I have to lose?

It turns out nothing. I will raise my hands and freely admit – I was wrong. I loved it. I’m not saying I’m packing up the day job to travel the world in a long skirt circa Sienna in the early 00s and with just a tent for company, but I am interested in pursuing it more. I didn’t expect to feel so relaxed or (and I am still horrified to use this term) so centred. I feel stressed a lot of the time, I have a lot of balls in the air, but for those 30mins I was completely chilled. And even better for a perennially bad sleeper, I slept straight through that night. That happens about twice a year for me.

Since then I’ve been playing with YouTube and various apps and have been doing ten or 15mins of meditation before bed. It helps me calm down and aids my sleep, so why not? Long term maybe it’ll make me deal with stress more easily too, so what’s to lose? Even more valuable for me, it’s shown me to be open minded.

Posted on: February 2, 2015, by : hannahferrett

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