Beauty blogging bugbears

On the whole I’m not going to write about beauty here, because I do a lot of that in my day job. I’m also in the process of launching a site dedicated to it called The Beauty Shelf, so this is going to be more focused on other stuff. But today I’m giving myself a pass because it’s been a beauty-heavy week for me – I’ve been to a lot of fun launches and done a good deal of work on my site too.

I’ve been thinking about blogs today. Beauty blogs are doubtless one of the biggest media trends to mushroom over the last few years. Even if you don’t read any you’ve more than likely heard of them, especially as papers like The Daily Mail seem to have a slight obsession with them. To be clear I’m not saying this growth is a bad thing because there are some blogs I really enjoy reading and check out every day (British Beauty Blogger for news, London Beauty Queen for features and Vivianna Does Makeup for really fun content).

But… there are also a hell of a lot which are just so dull. Is that just me? I don’t mean to be unfair either because there is absolutely nothing wrong with starting a beauty blog for fun and giving your views on whatever you’ve picked up in Boots that week. Nothing at all. I am less impressed with some of the bigger bloggers who post continuous streams of content about products they “love and adore” though, because honestly? Most of us want to know what doesn’t work too. And I don’t believe, at all, that all these writers who claim they don’t feature negative reviews because they want to keep “their little corner of the internet” positive mean that. They’re all hanging out to be the next Zoella and are terrified of annoying brands, bottom line. They don’t want to say anything bad in case it affects their blog being the next one to blow up.

While I’m in rant mode, get some unique content please. Reviews are good, but not if it’s of the same thing 78 other bloggers are writing about. And weekly favourites/monthly favourites are all fine and good too but I’ve seen it all before. And going back to my first point, I’m not sure they really are your favourites anyway. Maybe they are just stuff you’ve been sent and want to feature.

I think some more stringent rules will be a good thing. I was on one site recently and the vlog description included a note that some of it was sponsored – ie. the person had been paid to feature a few of the products in the video. The comments went wild! People weren’t happy at all and criticised everything about the video; the script, the voice, all of it. I found it quite unfair, but it does show that most people have no idea how this works. If you really think that is the first blogger video you’ve watched that featured paid-for content you need to reconsider.

So yes, I believe there’s a place for beauty bloggers but some need to up their game. Informative content is the key here, I don’t care that you “adore” your new moisturiser, but I am interested in why the vitamin C and E it contains will improve my skin. Do some research, make yourself unique.

Posted on: February 5, 2015, by : hannahferrett

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